Introducing the new Oxygen Enterprise Desktop!

And…we’re back! It’s been a little quiet over here, but that’s because we’ve working tirelessly to deliver new technology for everyone. We’d like to introduce you to the new Oxygen Enterprise Desktop client with our unique Progressive Sync! You and your team can now get the fastest access to your enterprise-scale storage, while instantly syncing massive file sets with ease. Hurray!

What we’ve learned

Everyone loves sync. We found out from our customers that you don’t just want to sync some files, but you want to be able to access ALL of the files in your company directory. Especially with growing businesses, data storage demands are constantly growing as well as business scales. The problem with regular sync is that it becomes slower the more data you have in your storage. Also, the fact that your entire corporate directory can’t fit into your user’s regular sized laptop doesn’t help either.

With that being said, we decided to redesign how sync works, so you can easily access and get exactly that you need without waiting for everything to download.

A faster, lighter, better desktop client

To start, we built the new Oxygen Enterprise desktop from the ground up specifically to handle enterprise scale storage. No mater how much data you have, you can instantly access all of your files right from your desktop with no initial load time. Our lightweight client provides you with more efficient CPU usage and allows you to browse directly to your files without waiting for everything to sync.

Works with your existing Oxygen storage!

Already an Oxygen user? Perfect! Just install the new Oxygen Enterprise Desktop and seamlessly access your existing account and storage. Instead of a drive, you’ll see an Oxygen Enterprise folder directly on your desktop with all of your spaces within it!


What is Progressive Sync? 

Our unique Progressive Sync technology allows you to sync only the files you need to access. All of your spaces are now available as folders within Oxygen Enterprise, so you can quickly browse all your files and pick what you want to sync.


Sync all the files in the folder you’re actively collaborating on. Done with a project? Easily unsync everything with one click to save space on your computer. The files are safely stored in the cloud to dramatically reduce you laptop SSD storage needed. This could easily save you big money on each laptop you purchase in the future!

Progressive Sync could save you $150+ per user laptop

Let’s take the new Toshiba Portege R30-ASMBN22 laptop for example. If you were to purchase this laptop with 128GB of SSD storage, your total would roughly come out to $899.99. However, if 128GB was not enough storage for you, your next option would be 256GB of SSD storage totaling your cost to $1,049.99. Imagine if you never had to purchase 256GB of SSD storage again! You could easily save $150+ per laptop just by using our Progressive Sync technology.

Don’t just take our word for it though -

“Oxygen Cloud could pay for itself just by reducing the capacity cost per desktop. It also should reduce bandwidth requirements required by users and the enterprise. Only data that they are working on or interacting with has to be transferred to them instead of every changed file.”

Lead Analyst at Storage Switzerland, George Crump

So, what are you waiting for?

New Oxygen Enterprise Desktop is ready for all of our users today. Just install and login with your username to get started!


– Michelle

odrive beta was awesome. Now we’re back in the lab!


A sincere thank you to everyone that participated in the odrive beta. We’ve learned a ton about the experience and features that you need from odrive. And we found things that we couldn’t have found without your help. Now we’re taking your input and going back to the lab to concentrate on some futuristic, George Jetson, stuff…

What “going back to the lab” means:
  • We will continue to support current beta users, but we’ll be releasing new versions more slowly for a bit.
  • We won’t be supporting additional downloads of our beta gateway software.
  • Current beta users will be the first to get the incredible stuff we’re cooking up!

If you haven’t already, follow us on twitter for the latest. Thanks again, and you’ll be hearing from us soon!


How to manage all your precious pictures, without weighing down your computer

Let’s face it, we take a LOT of pictures. In fact, every 2 minutes today we take as many pictures as all of humanity took in the 1800s. The difference is now we store them on our computers, rarely viewing, editing, or sending them more than once. Should we really have to carry around 100GB or so worth of pictures with us at all times? What do you do when you actually have more photos than what your regular machine can store? iPhoto forces you to keep those pictures on the same machine or go through an elaborate archival process. Picasa forces you to store your photos in Google storage or again makes you jump through archival hoops.


We have an answer! Today, I’m going to show how you can easily manage all of your pictures without taking up space on your computer or having to pay for cloud storage.

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3 keys to producing better videos

Producing decent quality video is more and more accessible today. From HD smartphone and camera recording to cardioid USB microphones, from screen capture software to iMovie, good production tools are more affordable than ever. To that, we’ll add one more tool – the best way to manage all those huge files you create during even the smallest production: odrive.


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The best access to your Photoshop and design files

Tired of waiting for Creative Cloud to sync your Photoshop files? Were you ever actually waiting? ;)

Fuggedaboutit. odrive gives you and your team the best access to your design files.


It’s simple. Setup odrive gateway on a spare computer, an actual file server, or in a cloud like Windows Azure. This machine will act as the master copy of all your Photoshop and design files, and behave like your own dropbox. Pick a machine that already has the design files you want to use, or load it up before you install odrive.

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Build your own dropbox in Windows Azure in minutes

Have a few minutes to spare? Of course you do. Today we’re going to walk you through how to set up your own dropbox in Windows Azure.

What? That’s crazy talk you say?

As we’ve said before, odrive is the easiest way to connect any storage to any user. We’ve already shown you how to make a private dropbox out of an old computer. Well, for those of you that want to test odrive outside of your production environment, on various flavors of Windows Server, this is the post for you. For those that want to see what this Windows Azure thing is about, here’s your excuse.

You can do it all for free, without hardware, in just a few minutes.

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Make a private dropbox with an old computer in minutes

Do you want the ability to get files from a central machine that you own, wherever you are? Do you want to enable multiple people to share files without using cloud storage?

AKA: Do you want to set up your own private dropbox?

Well, all you need is odrive and a spare Windows or Mac computer and you’re in business!


What your private dropbox will be able to do:

  • Enable you to access all of your files on other computers
  • Enable you to work on synced files whether you are online or offline, on the same network or different networks
  • Enable others you invite to be able to access files from it
  • Enable a group of people who have access to the same folder to be able to work on the same files

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