New Look, New Release, New Download

We’re giving Oxygen’s beta a makeover!

A new version of Oxygen’s beta is now available for download!  In the last few months we’ve been working very hard to improve Oxygen based on the feedback we got from you and the rest of our beta community.

So What’s New?

Direct Integration for Local Access – Just Use Finder or File Explorer!
Access your Oxygen files right on your desktop.  Oxygen is now integrated directly into the native Windows and Mac OS file system.  Files on your Oxygen drive remain in sync with the cloud automatically.  You will no longer need to use the Navigator application.

Oxygen Windows File Explorer Integration


Simplified Spaces – Now with a Unified View
We’re combining Personal Spaces with Shared Spaces for a unified spaces list. Space permissions are transparent, and Oxygen will still provide Space Management capabilities for you to control who has access to your spaces.


Manage Spaces and Invite Others to Share
Easily manage all your spaces, join other spaces, set access permissions and invite others through Manage Space from your Oxygen Launcher.

Oxygen's Manage Space Application


Administrator Application Now Available
Need to manage all the users in your company’s account? Contact us at and we can set you up with a pilot account to test out the administrator application.

Download and Install Oxygen

To get the latest version, please uninstall the existing version of Oxygen and download the new client.

Download Oxygen Cloud



Let us know what you think about these new changes. Please visit and utilize our user forum to share your thoughts, submit bugs, and help us improve Oxygen. Our Technical Support team is here to help!

Thanks for reading!

– Julia
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