Building a 55 TB Private Storage Cloud

We are always trying to find innovative ways to solve problems here at Oxygen. The concept of Oxygen’s Storage Connector came about as we have been working on our platform – the Open Storage Grid.  It all started when our corporate customers asked if they could use Oxygen inside their own environment behind firewalls.

“We already have our own storage. We have our own servers. Do we really have to migrate everything? What happens when it’s in the public cloud? How secure is it?”

So we decided to create Morpheus (internal code name for our Storage Connector). The idea is simple – instead of moving everything out to the public cloud, instead of implementing other far more complicated private cloud solutions – Oxygen will enable users to leverage their own storage and have their own private storage cloud in a much simpler way.

Oxygen’s Open Storage Grid supports a powerful range of private storage from ubiquitous Windows and Linux servers to EMC enterprise storage systems. It is a unique way to manage and serve data to mobile devices and applications. Users and companies can easily plug in their storage system and devices into the Grid and get controlled access to files from anywhere.

Don’t believe me? Just check out the fun video to see how we were geeking out to build our own Backblaze Storage Pod and plugged it into the Grid with our new Storage Connector. We used the specs that Backblaze released on their storage pod 2.0 and installed the early prototype of Oxygen’s Storage connector on it. If you want to know more about some of the technical magic behind the scenes, do check out this post by Zuhaib, our operations ninja – How to make your Backblaze pod be powered by the cloud.

Warning – hope you enjoy Duran Duran because their song will possibly be stuck in your head after watching =)

Save $$$ on storage: Build your own private storage cloud on a budget

You too can have your own private cloud set up in a few simple steps. Not only will you gain the benefits of controlled mobile access to private storage, but there is also a very good chance you can save yourself some significant $$$.

Let’s compare how much our own private cloud storage cost compares to some of the popular storage options in the market right now. We calculated the cost per GB for different storage solutions over the course of 3 years, since that is the general lifecycle for hardware. In the table below you can see the breakdown between Amazon S3, Netapp, Dropbox, Box and Oxygen’s BackBlaze cloud. Our Oxygen BackBlaze cloud has a total of 67.5 TB and after RAID6 there is approximately 55TB of usable storage.

*Amazon pricing list. Calculation based on how much 55TB cost over 3 years
**Netapp price guide via Storagemojo
***Oxygen’s Backblaze pod: $5645 for the hardware from Protocase + $3149.55 for 45 1.5 TB Western Digital Green drives

As you can see – cost per GB for a private storage solution with Oxygen here is only 16 cents. This is only one example since you can have different setups in your own environment. This comparison is just to shed some light on how some other options compare. Web portal collaboration solutions like Box is not designed for unlimited data storage. The cost for using Amazon and Netapp will also be significantly more than what was listed because those prices do not include a front end application for users to access and consume that storage. Dropbox for Teams limits users to public cloud only and still lacks the security and management tools necessary for enterprise.

That’s why the most exciting part of Oxygen’s offer is how you can truly enjoy the best of both worlds. You can have a private storage solution with the security and control that your company needs, while getting the benefits of easy mobile access and sharing that other consumer applications are providing – all at a much more economical budget.

With Oxygen’s Storage Connector, you no longer have to pay a monthly subscription for storage. You can enjoy true unlimited data storage by easily plugging in what you have into our Open Storage Grid.

You can try this out yourself by downloading Oxygen’s Storage Connector for Windows. We are offering the connector for free! So if you have a Windows file server, or even just an old gaming desktop lying around, download the connector and cloud charge it with Oxygen. You can use your own storage and access it from any device at no cost! Just sign up for an Oxygen account and try it. It is soooooooo drop dead easy! I have spent more time writing this blog post than I did configuring the Storage Connector on my own Windows computer at home.

Also make sure to stay tuned for the coming months because we’ll release our Storage Connector for other platforms (Linux, NAS, etc) as well!


12 thoughts on “Building a 55 TB Private Storage Cloud

    • Hi Andy,

      Oxygen’s cloud service does provide 99.99 availability. However for the storage hardware it is up to you and however you designed it to be. So it can be if you configure it to be.

  1. And if you use Scality’s RING storage as your backend solution, you can kiss goodbye to those high prices/GB/month while getting an even better data protection and durabiity scheme, and bring it down to a few cents / GB / month (full TCO).
    Just sayin’ :-D

    Bus Dev
    Scality US

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  4. Hi all,

    Would it be possible to create a Oxygen appliance by using the Backblaze storage pod? We are just about to build a new storage platform and this sounds idea – however my Linux skills are limited and therefore need to look for a distro that already has features such as RAID, Replication etc or see if you could package this up?

    Maybe a commercial Openfiler would do the trick?

    Any ideas? It is a shame you did not have a step-by-step configuration guide to this?

  5. Hey Keith,

    We are releasing our Linux Storage Connector soon. You’ll be able to test it out for yourself. However it will not be packaged with the other features you mentioned just yet. Perhaps that is something we can investigate in the future if a lot of our users request the same features.

    Thanks Keith!

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  9. Hi! What’s the Oxygen’s edge over other cloud storage provider?
    And what is the difference of Oxygen’s private storage compared to public?

    • Hi Jeff,

      Oxygen’s ability to enable our customer’s existing private storage, and providing the ability to centrally control and manage users and access to the storage gives us the edge over other providers. Other solutions ask you to upload your data into a public cloud where your company loses control over sensitive data. With Oxygen, you can get the benefits of anywhere, any device access to your content like public cloud but it also gives you the security, control and performance of local storage.

      Hope this helps!

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