Does Data Sovereignty Matter to You?

If the answer is yes, then you should definitely keep reading.

There has been a lot debate recently around the issue of data sovereignty. With the European data sovereignty laws requiring customer’s data to remain in their own country, security, privacy and location of data storage infrastructure becomes of utmost importance for IT. Barb Darrow of Gigaom recently raised the subject saying the issue is still a concern when it comes to cloud adoption for large enterprises. So is data sovereignty a concern for your company or your customers? Some have argued saying it’s a myth and it isn’t a critical barrier anymore.

Well I am not here to jump to conclusions… but I am here to offer a solution. If data sovereignty IS in fact an issue for your company, then perhaps Oxygen can provide an answer. Here is why:

Keep Your Data & Get Cloud Access

Most vendors out there require you to surrender your data, upload it into their data center, abandon security and control just to provide mobile access for your users. But not with Oxygen. We bring the cloud to you and not the other way around.

Use Oxygen to keep your data on your own private storage, use your own authentication and still gain native, any device access to files. In other words, all the benefits of cloud access without compromising the security of your corporate data. So if data sovereignty laws require you to keep data on-site within a certain country or location, Oxygen provides a very easy and secure solution without breaking the laws because we will not upload or copy your data elsewhere.

Benefits of Oxygen’s Cloud Access with Private Storage

You can maintain complete data control and sovereignty by using your own private storage. Oxygen seamlessly supports a variety of private storage systems, as well as support for your private on-premises AD/LDAP infrastructure to manage authentication and access behind your firewall. You own your data and you keep your data. Oxygen will not create or store uncontrolled copies of your data or your user’s credentials somewhere else on the Internet. Use Oxygen to leverage your existing infrastructure, keep the benefits of performance, control and economics of your enterprise storage technologies and still get cloud access.

So if data sovereignty matters to you, your company or your customers… definitely let us know so we can help!

– Julia

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