Mobile Device Authorization now available!

Worried about users losing their devices? Well worry no more! With Oxygen’s mobile device authorization, you can easily remove a specific mobile device from accessing data on Oxygen! IT has full control over which device can be authorized for access, and easily remove them as needed! Once enabled, you will see this new feature on the Oxygen Web Client’s Admin Control panel, right under Access Controls.

How it works:

You can easily enable Device Authorization on the Oxygen web client:

Once enabled, just register the specific devices for your users, so you can authorize or remove access for each device as you need!

*Make sure to update to the latest Oxygen Mobile clients on iOS or Android devices to register them for Device Authorization! 

Another check for your BYOD requirements

Oxygen offers maximum control for your company to support the incoming wave of the BYOD movement everywhere. As users demand to use their own smartphones for work, IT needs a way to support these devices and while maintaining control over data access and management. With Oxygen, you no longer have to worry about lost devices or unauthorized access to your company’s data! All data on Oxgen is encrypted at rest, in transit and even on local device cache. You can easily remove user access, or remove device access with Oxygen’s Admin Controls! This is only the first phase of Oxygen’s Device Authorization – there are more enhancements to follow in the upcoming months.

Let us know how you like the new feature and what else you would like to see on Oxygen! :)

– Julia

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