What it means to be an Oxygeneer

What it means to be an Oxygeneer

This is how we hire and how we build our team. This is how we’ll be successful together.

Being an Oxygeneer means:

1.Taking ownership, a self-starter that follows through and gets it done

2. Being a team player that is collaborative, selfless and takes pride in their team

3. Innovator that learns, builds, creates and teaches daily

4. Positive, fun, upbeat and easy to talk to

5. Passionate about Oxygen Cloud and believes in our goals and mission

We’re defining our culture and we’re working together to get things done. Do you have what it takes? Do you want to be in an environment where your opinions matter and your effort will make a difference? If so, come join us! We will need your passion and your talent :)


3 thoughts on “What it means to be an Oxygeneer

  1. Wow Julia, you make working there so appealing, wonderful, and exciting to those of us who have been watching and using OxygenCloud. When are you going to remove the requirement of living in CA so others can join your team as well?

  2. Hey Michael! It truly is very exciting and wonderful to be working here with Oxygen Cloud. There is actually a few of us (including myself) who does work remote sometimes. Living in CA isn’t a strict requirement if the person’s passion and talent are a fit with us… so do check out http://www.oxygencloud.com/careers if you or anyone you know are interested in joining our team!

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