The Dropbox Situation: Why your company data & user passwords are safe with Oxygen

Dropbox once again dominated the headlines of all tech news when they confirmed that some Dropbox accounts have been compromised because usernames and passwords were stolen from third party websites.

Success Kid Oxygen Cloud

The “Copy Everywhere” Architecture

To be fair, Dropbox isn’t the only consumer cloud service that creates copies of user data and credentials everywhere. In fact, most other consumer and even SMB cloud solutions are guilty of the same problem and we’ve discussed this issue before… We like to call it the “copy everywhere” architecture. To support synchronization and mobile access, most other vendors create a copy of your file, upload it to their public cloud, and often times multiple copies are created for backup purposes on their cloud as well. And if they provide integration with other services, then even more copies are being created across those third party sites where you do not have control over. I’ve even come across a vendor who claims to support AD/LDAP by making a copy of the whole directory of user credentials and upload that into their own cloud.

So for just about everyone out there, their solution is to take everything you have, and copy it into their cloud.

However, not all cloud solutions are created equal. We think differently.

Keep Your Data… oh and your passwords too!

With Oxygen you don’t need to surrender your data to get cloud access. Oxygen enables anywhere and any device access to your existing storage. You keep all your data on your own storage. Oxygen encrypts each file with a unique key, and files are only transferred (encrypted over SSL of course) to an authenticated user client when specified, and the file remains encrypted on the local device cache until it is opened for viewing or editing.

Companies can also keep their user passwords safe. Oxygen integrates with your existing AD/LDAP so your user passwords stay behind your own firewall. Oxygen does not have access to those passwords. Ever. And if you need extra security? Oxygen already supports RSA SecurID two-factor authentication for our enterprise customers.

ING Direct have already been using Oxygen because our solution has offered them the best of both worlds – all the benefits of cloud without compromising on security. So if you want to keep your data and keep your passwords, try using Oxygen and tell us what you think.

Attitude, Culture and Company DNA

These attributes dictate what kind of product a company creates.

Here at Oxygen, our focus has always been on delivering an enterprise service from day 1. Oxygen isn’t about how you can share pictures with grandma (I’m sure your Grandma is awesome in every way), but our goal is to provide a way for users to get all the benefits of cloud access and a platform for IT to manage and control corporate data. From product direction, customer success to our partnership with EMC – we understand how important security, control and compliance is with our customers.

Us Oxygeneers are here to deliver an enterprise platform for tomorrow. That is our mission, and we won’t stop innovating until we get it done!

– Julia

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