The Importance of Keeping Your Corporate Identity and Passwords

Apple allowed hackers access to a user’s iCloud account. Yep. This really happened. A hacker gained access to a user’s account by contacting apple’s tech support, pretended to be the account owner, and by passed security questions.

iCloud Login

Derrick Harris pointed out in his post on Gigaom (iCloud Breach Highlights Some Hard Truths About the Consumer Cloud) that a major concern for cloud security is that you’re giving up control. In this situation – the user cannot take any precautions against Apple’s tech support personnel giving away his password because Apple has it. And for companies, this again illustrates why consumer cloud applications like iCloud or Dropbox simply cannot be adopted within the corporate environment.

As a company, can you afford another company’s support staff giving your corporate user passwords away?

Cloud with Control: Keep Your Identity with Oxygen

For enterprises, corporate identity management is critical. We often talk about how companies can keep their data with Oxygen, but there’s more! You can also keep your corporate IDs when you deploy Oxygen in your company. Oxygen integrates with your existing AD/LDAP servers so you control your corporate IDs.

We don’t even have access to your corporate passwords!

Integrating with your existing AD.LDAP means you can keep your passwords behind your own firewall. We don’t even have access to them, nor can we create copies of your credentials and store them in another public cloud somewhere. No. Nada. Everything is yours, and you’re in control.

Our AD/LDAP integration also supports your existing AD Groups! It is even easier for you to maintain your existing corporate user groups and policies that are already in place. Deploy Oxygen and you can have all the benefits of cloud access with full control over your company’s data and identity.

Not all cloud solutions are created equal. And the consumerization of IT doesn’t have to be a war with users trying to overrun IT. Oxygen is here to help, we help our customers support BYOD and still maintain control over their data, IDs and users. We want you to have your cake and eat it too…. because quite honestly, who doesn’t like cake? ;)


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