Oxygen Storage Connector update!

We’re continuing to improve the Oxygen Storage and Authentication Connectors (yes, even over the Labor Day weekend!). Oxygen is the only product on the market that allows you to maintain completely private data and user management, while offering you cloud access to your files and continuous cloud innovation. The new version brings some new capabilities, as well as a host of performance and stability improvements.

Oxygen Storage Connectors:

  • Improved performance, stability, and scalability
  • Minor bug fixes for Nirvanix and Atmos Connectors
  • Improved firewall handling of self configuration for Isilon clusters and clustering of Oxygen Storage Connectors

Oxygen Authentication Connector:

  • Bug fixes for private authentication (UI, improved internationalization, and IE9 compatibility mode)
  • Authentication custom query filter (to better support multiple Active Directory domains)

Additional new Oxygen client updates are following also! So do check back in with us later this week to find out what else is new! Also, make sure you let us know  if you’re interested in piloting Oxygen for your company to solve your mobile access and dropbox challenges ;)

Leo and Julia

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