Mango Languages Uses Oxygen for Anywhere File Access to Private Storage

Mango Languages Logo

The issue seemed simple enough. Users at Mango Languages just wanted access to their files. So people started using different consumer services such as Dropbox and Google Drive in order to get their files across different devices. But it actually created a big problem for IT as the company loses oversight and data control. Consumer cloud services are neither secure nor manageable by IT.

Oxygen meets IT’s needs by providing secure access to private storage

Mango Languages needed a solution that would utilize their own on premise storage, support different devices, provide access to company files, and a way for IT to manage everything. They considered Project Octopus, but couldn’t deploy it since it has not be released outside of beta testing.

Oxygen meets Mango’s needs by supporting integration within their own secure environment. Oxygen provides centralized control and easy user access to their company’s private storage from anywhere. Users can easily access and share their files from Windows, Mac, iphone, iPad and Android devices, with the peace of mind that important documents are safe.

Seamless and easy workflow with Oxygen’s Virtual Drives

Using Oxygen is just as easy. Our virtual drive allows a native user experience with little to no change in normal workflow and behavior. Here is how one of Mango Languages’ account managers use Oxygen everyday:

“Everyone in the company has a folder that is for everyone, one with the department you’re in (i.e. “sales”), and one for your own. Oxygen provides us with an easy way to share important files with the peace of mind that the files are safe. I work in the sales department and we are constantly updating documents, so this makes a big difference in my everyday workflow.”

Mango users can easily access and share files using their own devices from anywhere on Oxygen. Mango Languages can now rid themselves from other consumer cloud storage services, as IT maintains security, data control and the freedom to use their own on-premise private storage to support users’ mobile and collaboration needs.

Apple announced at their iPhone 5 event this morning that 94% of enterprises are testing and deploying iPads, what is your solution to support mobile file access in your company? What are some of your concerns?


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