Updated to iOS6? Time to update your Oxygen too!

The summer may be winding down but our developers aren’t! We’ve been busy working to improve your Oxygen experience with updates for your Oxygen mobile and Desktop clients, and brand new management capability!

Oxygen now supports iOS6 and iPhone 5!

Ordered your iPhone 5 yet? Updated your iPhone and iPad to iOS6 recently? Don’t worry you can update your Oxygen too! The latest Oxygen iPhone and iPad apps supports iOS6 and are now available in the App Store.

Get Oxygen Mobile for iPad
Get Oxygen Mobile for iPhone

The new and improved Oxygen Desktop!

Mobile clients aren’t the only ones who got some love. We gave our desktop clients a bit of a facelift too! If you update your Oxygen Windows and Mac clients you’ll see the new Oxygen Monitor, which – we improved the transfer progress rate so you’ll know how your uploads or downloads are doing. We also squashed a bunch of bugs, improved stability, and sprinkled in some intelligence so Oxygen can detect when your computer might be running out of disk space when you are downloading files.

Fresh out of the dev oven: Oxygen’s Management SDK is here!

We’re proud to release the Oxygen Management SDK. This is the first of several releases to provide greater programmatic access to Oxygen. This release supports management of Oxygen users, enabling greater automation and bulk operations. The SDK is built in Python and allows customers to plug it into user provisioning systems or write simple scripts to call various functions.

We know that all of our customers are different. Many of you have different needs and requirements on how to manage your company’s users. So instead of building a ton of new solutions, we decided to provide a management SDK to Oxygen so you can have the flexibility to create your own solutions or integrate Oxygen with your own systems!

Learn more about Oxygen’s Management SDK!

If you haven’t update your Oxygen yet, we strongly recommend that you do so today! Let us know what you think about the new Oxygen clients, and share with us how you are going to utilize our new Management SDK!


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