Enterprises lose tens of millions of files to Dropbox every day

And that number is probably very conservative.

Try Oxygen's Enterprise Cloud with unlimited user licenses for free The evolution in personal computing from PCs to multiple devices is driving the need for a new kind of data access. This need is only growing as the balance rapidly shifts to new devices. When companies don’t provide a multi-device option, users will do what they need to do. Barb Darrow made a good point on this issue – users will find the path of least resistance – and their answer is often Dropbox.

The data is overwhelming.

Amazon Web Services S3 (Simple Storage Service) now stores 1.3 trillion objects. That’s roughly double what they managed last year at this time. The key thing tonote is how they got to this astounding number. As I mentioned a year ago, Dropbox is and continues to drive a ton of storage to Amazon S3. Based on public numbers and our internal forecasts, it is quite possible that as much as 50% of those 1.3 trillion objects originated from Dropbox. That would translate to over 2 billion objects a day, millions of which are enterprise files.


How do we know? Beyond our own conversations with Enterprise prospects and customers, Dropbox themselves have recently been bragging about being used in 95% of enterprises, with 17TBs of files leaving enterprises every five days.


If you’ve done your own surveys internally, you already know that Dropbox is heavily used. If you haven’t, there are more and more datapoints out there to help you understand the dynamics. One recent survey of business users showed that more than 20% of them used Dropbox for work and the majority of them were executives (Directors, VPs and C-suite).

Pretty scary, given Dropbox’s shaky reputation.

But the bigger point is this: IT, you have a choice. There’s a major technology shift occurring and users are crying out for help. It is not just about BYOD or even BYOA anymore. This is an infrastructure problem, not just an app problem. You’re the expert. Get the right tools to help your users and help your company. After all, you are the best qualified to solve it at a fundamental level.

Give the users the kind of file access they want and retain the kind of control you and the business need. That’s what Oxygen Cloud was founded to do.


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