Turbocharging Oxygen, ready for all your files!

A new update for Oxygen is here. We turbo-boosted this latest version – so your Oxygen is up to 100X faster! In addition to increased scale and performance, we also gave Oxygen a new look and some additional new features!

Oxygen for Windows and Mac – now up to 100x faster!

nitrous button

Lots of files? Don’t let that be a problem in your life anymore! Put all your files into Oxygen and just see how fast it is! Yes, go ahead, dump in 10,000 files and we can handle it faster than ever. Why limit yourself to your old inaccessible desktop storage or home directories when you can use Oxygen’s cloud drive!

In this new release we changed the way Oxygen processes file uploads and downloads to make our sync a lot faster than before. We enabled simultaneous uploads so multiple files can upload at the same time. Also our auto sync kick starts a lot sooner for the recipient end to start seeing files that are newly synced from a different device almost instantly.

We did our own speed test internally. So for 30MBs of files, upload is now 4x faster than before. And as for bulk upload with thousands of files and complex folder structures? It can actually be up to 100x faster! Don’t believe me? Take a look at the video clip and see how quickly Oxygen synced 50 files in a minute!

Easier link sharing by email

Our new share file link by email makes sharing even easier! We know you’re already familiar with right-clicking files to share them, but now we’ve simplified it some more. Just choose “Email link” and Oxygen will automatically pull up your email client and paste the share link for you to send to anyone. We made it so easy – you don’t even have to copy and paste!

Sharing with Oxygen on Windows

Just try this out next time you need to email a file. I promise you’ll love it!

New awesomely cool icons!

If you install the latest update, you’ll also see how Oxygen’s look and feel has been refreshed! We now have cooler, sleeker new sync badges, a new icon for cloud files, a new icon for shared spaces and a new “sync in progress” icon on the task bar too!

A cloud file syncing in progress:

A cloud file syncing in progress

New badge indicating a file fully synced:

Fully synced file

New icons for an Oxygen space – we highlight all Oxygen spaces with our signature fuchsia inside the folder icon:

New space and folder icons for web

Make sure you install the latest version of Oxygen today! Take advantage of our improved speed to load up your cloud drive!

Until next time ;)
– Julia

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