We are Vanguard

Brandon O'HOllaren

What I am about to share with you is something that sits behind the mysterious gates of Oxygen. It’s something brewing inside our deep lair that no one ever talks about, only hears about.

We. Are. Vanguard.

So what is Vanguard you ask? It is best described not through summary, but example. You’re a company. You have a problem. And you want a solution (obviously right?). You searched the depths of the internet. You go on our website and you enter your company information. What happens next is something special. You’re sitting at your desk, filing the same ol’ papers and trying to count down the time before you can go home and catch the last bit of American Idol. You then get a call from an Oxygen Vanguardian. We say our hellos and ask about the weather.

But what we really do is like nothing else – we discover.

The Discovery Process

We want to know your problem first. Here at Oxygen, we have assembled the Vanguard team to better understand what problems you are trying to solve. Whether it’s something simple and singular, or it’s a multitude of issues and you just need a hug… we’re here for you. Because rather than pitching you on why Oxygen is better than everyone else, we listen to you. We ask you questions to understand how we can provide a solution that fits. If it works out, then great – we are there to hold your hand and guide you along the Oxygen adventure (don’t worry, we wash our hands like 30 times a day). The Vanguard team works with you and your team every step of the way to ensure your Oxygen experience is nothing but success. But if our solution is not fit? That’s ok too! Tell us why! Tell us what you do and don’t like. We’re here to listen. In fact, we LOVE to listen so we can understand.

Don’t believe me? Get in touch with us and sign up for the free trial. We’ll give you a call, we’ll have some laughs, we’ll shed some tears, and maybe… just maybe, we’ll provide a solution to usher your company into the cloud.

– Brandon
Cloud Specialist

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