Enable Enterprise Mobile Productivity with Oxygen & AWS

Growing demand for mobility & access

66% of today’s employees have 2 or more devices. 50% have 3 or more. With all the different flavors of mobile laptops, tablets, and phones currently being used, how do enterprises and small businesses alike safely and securely leverage this opportunity for mobile productivity?

For a long time, businesses used web-based solutions to answer their content access problems. Clunky interfaces and multiple layers of security caused these solutions to oftentimes be more hassle than they were worth for employees. As they became more and more unhappy with the solutions chosen by their company’s IT to address their access concerns, they started using consumer cloud applications like Dropbox to provide simple and useful personal file sharing capabilities. While these solutions fit end-user needs, they lack the security, visibility, and control necessary for IT and subsequently are not ready for the enterprise. Enterprises need an integrated solution that enables their employees productivity with secure anywhere, any device access to corporate content. Oxygen and AWS provide a flexible and centrally managed platform that addresses all the enterprise concerns surrounding access, security, data ownership, and scalability.

AWS is legit

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has one of the most cost-effective cloud platforms in the world. They have built that platform from the ground up to be flexible, efficient, and most of all scalable, addressing many of the worlds major on-demand web and storage needs. Because of their enormous and always growing infrastructure, they are able do all of this at prices that are greatly reduced from on-prem NAS and SAN storage units and other cloud storage providers.

Oxygen + AWS = security and control

Many companies are considering cloud storage as a viable option for scalable next generation storage but are hesitant to make the move for fear of “loss of data control”. Oxygen, leveraging the robust AWS S3 platform, alleviates that concern by providing a solution that resembles a private control model with the highest level of security and rich granular access controls for IT. Oxygen’s unique containerized data control method is the only solution in the market that enables encryption and IT control on user end point devices as well as over the wire and in storage. It also allows for flexible storage options that give IT the ability to leverage both cloud and on-prem storage solutions from a single account.

(skip to 19:00 mins if you’d like to get right to Oxygen presentation)

Elevate your end-user workflow

With all the security and access control features, it’s easy to overlook the native desktop and mobile end-user applications which fluidly combine the ability to share personally across individual devices and/or with multiple users in your team or company. Oxygen “Spaces” act as shared folders that allow multiple users to access shared content. Oxygen makes end-users happy and more productive all with the IT piece of mind that data is always encrypted and in YOUR control.

Don’t limit your future

The combination of Oxygen and AWS provides companies with a secure and centralized interface flexible enough to leverage existing private storage with a scalable, more cost-effective cloud storage option you can easily grow as you go. All of this is done with improved speed of data delivery, an intuitive end-user experience, and a lower bottom line. If you’d like to hear more, we would love to chat and get you set up with Oxygen for free. We’ve built a customer success team that looks forward to helping you find the best solution possible, no matter your business size or requirements.

Come visit us at booth #605 in the upcoming AWS Summit 2013 in San Francisco! Come talk to the Vanguard team and see how we can find a solution fit for you!

– Aric Johnson
Community Marketing Vanguard

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