User Adoption is Everything

The relationship between users and applications is a delicate one, and even the most amazing products have their value diminished if users are simply not willing to use them. Wholehearted adoption by individual users is the single most important metric when it comes to measuring Oxygen’s success.  When users feel genuinely empowered by Oxygen, the effect is twofold: Users become more productive, and IT once again obtains the level of control they desire.


Oxygen’s simple cloud drive allows individuals to efficiently work on their files both remotely and from multiple devices.  Groups of individuals on Oxygen can smoothly collaborate together, and managers on Oxygen have the ability to oversee numerous projects by simply browsing through folders.

The more people there are in Oxygen, the more natural your users will feel while working there.  Once your users can’t work without the enabling powers of your cloud, IT will have finally won the battle of regaining control over file movement within the company.

So you see, your Oxygen is an ecosystem that empowers both users and IT at once.


We, your accounts team, devote our time and energy to understand that relationship, and we develop the Oxygen deployment playbook to speak to that understanding.  We want to hear what you have to say. We solve your problems by tailoring rollouts specific to your unique use cases and circumstances.

We’re nerds that way.

So drop us a line and let’s chat about how we can help your users become more successful with Oxygen!


-Jeff Lee
Account Advisor

One thought on “User Adoption is Everything

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