The future of file access and management is here

I often get asked what Oxygen is. Sometimes I answer in a few sentences. Sometimes in paragraphs.

Today, I’ll say, “the future.”

Outside of the billboards and hype of Silicon Valley, people forget that when most businesses in the world think about file access, storage and sharing, the answer is a Windows file server. Yeah, those blinking boxes that run in millions of businesses. Oh, and Microsoft Outlook with attachments. Because when it comes to the office, the place where you get your files is that mapped E: drive and when you want to share, you grab files out of that E: drive and drop them in a new email message.

Or maybe you’re lucky enough to have SharePoint or Jive. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

This all started many years ago. I’ll relay the history lesson some other day, but in the Windows and PC dominated world, files first needed a place to live (file storage), then they needed their access to be controlled (AD) and then a way to be shared with other colleagues (shared drives). Content management like SharePoint just moved this structure to a browser, and added some context and a GUI, but it is still fundamentally shared storage.

Oxygen is the future of file access and management.

Why? Because Oxygen has built a technology that is targeted specifically at file access, storage and sharing for business users. When you compare Oxygen’s cloud drive to what currently exists (file servers, ECM, cloud storage and WCM), the differences become clear.


Instead of imposing a browser-based file system like content management, Oxygen can work with existing or new infrastructure to provide a file solution that combines the best aspects of the current Enterprise infrastructure with the cloud:

  • Online or offline access on any network so files are available almost always
  • Native file access so it’s easy to access and store files
  • Storage that can be accessed and shared without involving IT every single time
  • Data that can be hosted internally, externally, or both
  • A highly available application that doesn’t require IT to maintain uptime and patches
  • Identity management that fits with what the majority of businesses already do

For example, when Oxygen is combined with AWS S3, customers get the usability, security and control of Oxygen, but they also get a massively scaled storage cloud that has proven reliability, global reach and attractive economics. A number of our customers have already chosen this path to do things that they have never been able to do, like providing a single controlled storage environment for independent subsidiaries that are spread all over the U.S. (whereas in the past, each subsidiary had a completely different method and process for storing and accessing files). They picked the Oxygen and AWS solution to move away from their file servers and other systems into a more efficient, more controlled future.

The future is here.

Visit us (Booth #605) and check out the future at this week’s AWS Summit in San Francisco!


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