Why you need a storage broker (and the Nirvanix debacle)

The unfortunate dissolution of cloud storage provider Nirvanix highlights an important consideration:

What happens to my data when I only have one storage provider and that storage provider has a major outage, or worse, goes out of business?

Most cloud services force you to choose one storage provider at a time. That means that if you got “two weeks notice” from your provider, you would have to find some way to get the data out and have enough capacity on-premises to store that data (unlikely if you chose a cloud storage service in the first place). Oxygen has unique technology to minimize the risks around storage providers. We call it a storage broker.

The Oxygen storage broker lets you use one or more storage providers, cloud-hosted, on-premises, or both. For example, you can use Amazon Web Services and on-premises storage in the same account. This provides advantages (and options) in data placement for performance, compliance, economics, and in this case, service level.

Oxygen connects your Oxygen Drive to your choice of storage, and creates a secure container between each client and storage backend. Behind the scenes, Oxygen directs reads and writes between the client and storage, never getting in the way. The user experience looks the same: all users see is a different shared folder on their desktops and devices.


This technology, and our awesome engineering and operations team, helped us deal with the Nirvanix situation with nary a hiccup. We were able to move data behind the scenes and “repoint” our customers (that were using Nirvanix storage) with no user disruption.

Over the last few days, we were able to help one of our oldest customers, Fonville Morisey Realty, who had over 1,000 users and a ton of data in Nirvanix.

“Oxygen’s technology and people helped me move off of Nirvanix with zero user disruption. Our users work in Oxygen every day, throughout the day, so constant availability is critical.” – John Schweighardt, CIO

The cloud carries tremendous benefits, and like any disruptive technology, some risks. Oxygen Cloud can help you move your company into the cloud, create an awesome experience for everyday work on your PowerPoints and spreadsheets, and minimize the associated risks.


2 thoughts on “Why you need a storage broker (and the Nirvanix debacle)

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