Video: odrive makes file sharing with remote workers bloody simple

Trying to pull off the height of deception and betrayal in the name of the Iron Throne? Or just trying to enable people to work from home and remain productive out of the office? odrive is the easiest way to make your people more productive and make your file servers useful again.

Instant-on remote access, without VPN


odrive enables remote workers to connect to a file server, no matter where they are. The connection is direct between the client and the gateway, so it’s fast and secure. In fact, if both are on the same network, odrive works at LAN speed. Unlike standard storage protocols like SMB or NFS, odrive moves data natively over SSL, so your data is encrypted in transport, and VPN is no longer necessary.

Accelerated sync to keep you up-to-date

odrive keeps you going without the typical file server limitations. You browse and sync only what you need. Synced files are accessible even when you’re offline – so you can continue to view them and work on them. Once you’re back online, odrive automatically syncs your changes to the server, and anyone else that has access to that file. odrive can be used to sync content across your own machines, or across multiple minions, users.

One step to connect remote users – simply email

Most users still have a tough time with network shares, particularly Mac users. In fact, the latest version of Mac OS X is actually worse when it comes to connecting to Windows file servers. Even before you get to actually using the share, which often loses connection when the network is spotty and has trouble reconnecting when the network returns, you have to understand how to connect to it. odrive makes provisioning users dead simple. All the admin has to do is add email addresses and pick folders to share. The invitee gets an email to install an odrive folder, and voila – they get access to content.

Interested? Join our odrive beta!

You have file servers. You have existing data. You have remote employees at branches, on the road, or at home. odrive makes your file servers useful again and your employees more productive. All without moving your data to Dropbox or other consumer cloud services. Give it a try today!

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– Leo

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