Automatic backup, so you don’t have to think about it

According to recent studies, more than half of small businesses still do not backup their data daily and more than 2/3 only backup some of their data. Factors cited include: backup being too time-consuming,  backup being unnecessary, and how backup is too costly.

With odrive, you don’t need to think about backup any more – it works automatically.

odrive provides automatic protection for your laptops and desktops

odrive syncs any computer to your file server, so all your data is safe on the server. Once you’ve synced your computers, you don’t have to worry about the data on them anymore. If a computer is lost or damaged, you can install odrive on a new computer, and easily sync all the data you need from the server.

automatic protection

odrive makes protection easy and inline, not a separate “backup” action

Instead of a separate backup application and process, odrive lets you use your server as the master location of all your files. odrive makes this possible by enabling you to work on your synced files whenever you need to. Just load your files into your odrive folder. Your files are automatically synced into the server. You can work on your synced files whether you are online or offline, on the same network as the server or remote. Any changes you make to the files are automatically synced whenever you are online.


odrive accelerated sync makes it practical to store all your files on the server

odrive is built to handle all your files. Once you use odrive to sync your files to a server, or if you receive access to an odrive folder by invitation, you can use odrive’s accelerated sync to keep only the files you need on your computer. Uniquely, odrive lets you browse entire folder structures while barely taking up any space. You can sync only the files or folders you need, while leaving the bulk of the data on the server.


Interested? Try odrive today!

Try odrive

– Leo

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