Windows, and iPhone, and Mac! Oh My!

Our crack team of Engineers has been hard at work on every one of our platforms and I know all of you will be very impressed with the results. In the last few days we’ve had releases on Mac, Windows, iPhone, and iPad! Check out some of the great new features:

Conflict Resolution
Oxygen will now detect file conflicts and offer multiple ways to resolve them quickly. For example, if you happen to be editing a file and its content changes in the the cloud before you have synced your own changes, the file it will be detected as “in conflict”. When you view the alert message you will be given the opportunity to resolve the conflict by overwriting the file in the cloud or by saving your version as a new file!

File Locking
Just in case you missed it before, please check out our blog posts on our new file locking feature for Windows and Mac.

New Look
We’ve enhanced the look and feel of our applications, across the board. Jeff Lin already touched on these changes in a previous post . Let us know what you think!

iOS goodness
We’ve introduced a slew of great new features in our latest iPhone and iPad apps:
• A new settings applet
• The ability to enable a passcode lock for the Oxygen app, for an additional layer of security. (Enabled and configured through the settings applet)

• The ability to change the main menu background (take a picture, choose from the photo library, or use an image stored in Oxygen!)
• Choose a default space for file import and photo sync operations (Configured through the settings applet)
• The ability to continue playing audio, including auto-queuing, with the device locked.
• Added visible indicator for videos in the Photosync item list.

If you haven’t upgraded yet, head on over to our downloads page to get the latest versions for all of your devices!

-Anthony Magliulo, Product Development Manager

Oxygen for iPad (v1.3) has made it’s way to the App Store!

Another release of Oxygen for the iPad has hit the App Store! You can see some of the great features available from my previous post here.

We are continuing to crank on these apps, trying to deliver the best experience possible to our fantastic users. Download the new version and let us know what we can do to make it even better.

There are even more awesome additions in the works, so stay tuned!

-Anthony Magliulo, Product Development Manager

New Versions of Oxygen Released on Mac and Windows!

Oxygen Cloud has  released updated versions for the Mac and Windows platforms. These new releases add additional enhancements and bug fixes to our new, simplified interface for browsing and interacting with Oxygen.

Highlights of the new interface:
• Double-click or right-click to synchronize files that are important to you. Synchronized files will stay up to date with the latest versions from the cloud and immediately sync any changes you make to the cloud.

• Right-clicking on a folder will synchronize all files and folders underneath.

• New status indicators for files: Green check-mark for synchronized, Yellow starburst for synchronizing, and Red exclamation mark for alert messages.

Oxygen for Windows

Oxygen for Mac

Download the latest versions for both Mac and Windows here and tell us what you think of the new changes!

-Anthony Magliulo, Product Development Manager

The Power of Cloud Storage in the Palm of Your Hand

We live in a truly remarkable age where advances in technology have completely shattered the barriers to data access and collaboration. Considerations such as distance, time, size, and location are no longer relevant within our wondrous digital frontier. Almost every one of us now carries a computing system in our pocket that is many times more powerful than the systems that enabled someone to land on the Moon! With this new power comes a much more mobile-enabled workforce, where people want to always be on-line and plugged-in to the information they need. We’ve all become “mobile professionals”. No longer is that moniker limited to the frequent fliers of the world who live out of their suitcases. We all have a need for data portability.

Here at Oxygen, we are well aware of the needs of today’s “mobile professional”.  Whether you are at an off-site meeting, attending a convention, grabbing a bite to eat, or stuck in traffic, you want your data instantly accessible and available when you need it. Anywhere, anytime access to company data is the “Holy Grail” of business collaboration, and we’ve worked very hard to bring this ability to our customers.

Oxygen Cloud has developed some very slick native applications for the iPhone and iPad platforms that will allow you to access your Oxygen-powered cloud file system with just one tap of your finger, no matter where you are. Through Oxygen you have universal access to all of your company’s storage clouds, literally at your fingertips. We’ve merged the idea of unlimited, centralized storage and “anywhere” mobile technology into a simple, elegant package.

Single-tap syncing

Ensuring that you have the latest and greatest version of that important file is as simple as tapping on the file from the file listing. Once it is in sync (green check-mark), any time you refresh the listing, Oxygen will check to see if a new version is available and automatically download it for you. That’s it! All of your essential documents are now up-to-date and with you at all times.

Import files from other applications

Did someone send you a document over e-mail, but you really need it distributed to the rest of your team? No problem. You can use the “Open In” feature from another iOS application to import that document directly into Oxygen! Once imported, your team members will instantly have access to the file.

Annotations tool

You can provide instant feedback to your co-collaborators by utilizing the annotations tool. Make a quick note for a change or addition and save it back into Oxygen or e-mail it out to the team.

Sync your Photo Library to the Cloud

Easily organize all of those business cards you just stuffed in your pocket from this morning’s business meeting: Snap a quick photo with your iPhone for each one and put them all into the Cloud in one go!

Head on over to Apple’s App Store and grab Oxygen for the iPhone and the iPad and let us know what you think!

– Anthony Magliulo, Product Development Manager