Trying to host your own Dropbox on your file server?

You like Dropbox. Because it’s so easy. It’s just a desktop folder, it syncs, it works. But at the same time you also have lots of files. Lots, and lots, and lots of files that already exist on your file server.

It’s not really about Dropbox, but the easiest way to access your storage

Dropbox is an easy way to access files, but you also have to use Dropbox storage. You might not want to put everything in Dropbox’s storage for privacy, security and data ownership reasons. Or maybe you tried, but there’s no easy way to drag and sync the million files and several terabytes that have accumulated within your company.

The way people work has changed, but file servers didn’t

A majority of the relevant files are finally digitized and workflows have followed suit. People make their “office” wherever they need it. File services have lagged behind, creating a hodge-podge of band aid solutions. People don’t remember their VPN user ID and passwords and FTP is too complicated. So they email files to themselves. They copy and save it to a USB stick. They drag and copy the files from the network share drive and save it to their desktop for later access. Then they make changes to those files. They copy it into Dropbox/Google Drive/Skydrive to access it on their iPads. They share it with someone else. Then before you know it, there are multiple copies of the files in too many places that you have no knowledge or control over. Not to mention the headache (or 99 problems) you already have maintaining those damn network shares that your users may or may not want to use. People just want to get access to the files they need, and the files they need are already on the company file server.  You would think storage access would be easier by now with all the innovation and new technologies. But file servers have remained the same since the 80’s. I guess Microsoft didn’t get the memo. Well that’s why you’re reading this post, right?

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Look Jony, we’re flat too! Oxygen for iOS7 is out!

Better. Simpler. Flatter.

Are you ready for iOS7? Well we most definitely are! We updated Oxygen’s mobile client to support the latest release of iOS7. Make sure you update your iPad and iPhone apps directly from the App Store to get the latest and greatest.

So what’s new?

iOS7 Oxygen

  • iOS7  style “flat” navigation icons
  • A new “star” bookmark icon for you to easily keep tabs of your favorite-d files
  • Updated simpler and cleaner icons for spaces, folders and files
  • New icons to sync existing photos or take new ones

We hope this newer look and feel is another step forward for even better user experience.

Jony, hope this made you happy too ;)


Faster is better: Oxygen vs Box

You probably have seen the AT&T television and radio ads about their uVerse product, with an adult interviewing a group of 5 year olds, asking questions like: “do you like more or less?” and “is faster better than slow?”. And of course, the kids answer in a direct way: “I like fast because fast is faster than slow” and “I like more because it’s better than less”. These are simple, un-debatable truths.

In the competitive marketplace that we play against folks like Box and Dropbox, we’re often asked by customers to do a checklist feature comparison. While we score well, this does not tell the true tale-of-the-tape. Some will be able to “check the box” on certain features like sync, AD integration, encryption or mobile access. But when you peek behind the curtain, and customers get to use the products, understand how certain features are designed, how they impact the user, then the initial surface comparisons fall apart for non-enterprise players.

Inspired by the AT&T truth sayer kids, I would love a comparison chart that is more like this.

What do you like better?

Oxygen vs Others

Get the picture? These are fundamentals that business users really care about when it comes to accessing and working on their files.

Don’t believe us? Well, we conducted an unofficial side by side comparison of syncing multiple 16mb video files in both Oxygen and Box. Let us show you how our sync is really faster and better:

Come sign up and test drive Oxygen for yourself, and see if you agree that Oxygen is more better than the rest. One of our Vanguard members will be in touch to help you find a solution fit and get you started!

- Alex & Julia
Oxygen Vanguards

Come meet the team at Oxygen’s Career Open House!

“Do what you love, love what you do.”

Stop being that cog in the wheel. Don’t just get a job. Be a part of our awesome team and do something that matters, do something that you can be proud of!


Come to Oxygen’s Career Open House on Tuesday, April 2nd

Join us for our first open house this coming Tuesday, April 2nd from 5-7pm at our headquarter here in Redwood City. Come and learn more about how you can become a part of our fast-growing enterprise cloud start-up. You’ll get a chance to meet the team currently matriculating in the program, learn about why this program exists, how it works and how it aligns with the company’s current and future goals. If you are eager, self-motivated, and ready to be part of a rapidly growing start-up, now is the time!

This full-time intensive rotational program will be a great entry point into this hot and emerging marketing. You will be working with teams that are building a product that solves real business problems. You will have the opportunity to learn and grow into sales, marketing, account management, and technical roles that make an impact!

Your training will cover:

  • Product knowledge about how Oxygen works
  • Market research and discovery
  • Learn how to evaluate customer needs and how to construct a solution proposal
  • How to promote product adoption in the market
  • Enterprise client services
  • Product development
  • Technical support and troubleshoot

What you’ll learn from working here:

  • Deep understanding of the product and market.
  • Ability to translate product requirements internally.
  • Ownership in specific tracks and drive your own initiatives and EXECUTE.
  • Key functional and leadership skills in a fast pace environment.
  • You will learn about the enterprise cloud industry inside and out.

We aren’t just training you to do what we say; we are mentoring you to be quick on your feet, to think for yourself and to understand how you can make a real impact in our organization. We care about our team and we only want the smartest and brightest to join our exceptional team!

When & where:

  • Tuesday, April 2nd 2013 5-7pm
  • 1600 Seaport Blvd Suite 310, Redwood City, CA

RSVP to and we’ll see you on Tuesday!

– Julia